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Cascade Spring Show 2005
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Entry Form   |   Rules And Regulations   |   Directions To The Show   |   Judges   |   Awards   |   Sponsors   |   Youth Activities and Social Events   |   Club Meets   |   Silent Bird Auction   |   Chick Auction/Sale   |   Mailing List   |   Raffle   |   Advertising??   |   Flyer For Your Feed Store!   |   Snohomish County Pigeon Fanciers   |   Cascade Spring Show 2005   |   PICTURES ON WEB   |   Links   |   Halloween - 2008 Scary Nights at Monroe, Wa

Cascade Spring Show 2005
Thank you to all our Sponsors,
and everyone that helped make our show successful!!!!
Co-op Supply
Granite Falls, Marysville,  Everett, Arlington and Snohomish

Tradewinds Feeds, LLC
(253) 272-4887 Tacoma
Jim Sallee, A.P.A./A.B.A. - Pine Grove, CA
Eric Kutch, A.P.A./A.B.A - Jamestown, CA
Doves - Bob Sutherland - Everett, WA
Pigeons - Roger Hansen - Marysville, WA
 Show Committee
Show Superintendent:  Dennis Pearce
Manager:  Joshua J. Simon
Secretaries:  Pam and Steve Lyng
Youth Activities & Showmanship: Bec Thomas
Sale Cages: Steve Waters
Raffle & Information:  Pearce Family
Show Catalog: Simon Family                 
Best of Show  Rosette Maple Mead Farm- Paul Ashbrook-Speclled Sussex
Reserve of Show  Rosette Maple Mead Farm-Joe Mazur-Cochin
Best Bird By Youth $25  Bec and Brandon Thomas
Reserve Bird by Youth $25 Laurie Wheeler

Best Large Fowl $10 Tony Albritton
Reserve Large Fowl $10 Larry Urban
Best Mediterranean $10 Dennis Pearce
Best American $10 Larry Urban
Best English $10 Larry Urban
Champion Asiatic $5 Dean Lewis
Champion Continental $5 Al Watts
Champion AOSB $5 Al Watts
Best Standard Wyandotte $10 Fasnacht family
Best Standard Wyandotte $5 Mike Dooms
Best Standard Araucana $5 Steve Waters

Best Bantam $10 Hubbard Family
Reserve Bantam $5 Al Watts
Best Bantam by Youth $5 Audrey Bannon
Best AOCCL  $10 Al Watts
Best Feather Legged $10 Sheryl Butler
Best Roscomb $5 Brian &Vanessa Mudgett
Best Bantam Polish    $5 John & Barb Foster
Best Modern Game Bantam $5 Kristen Kozak
Best Pheonix Bantam $5 Tracy Adkins
Best D' Anver $5 Tracy Adkins
Best Bantam Araucana $5 Steve Waters
Best Sebright $10 Dudley DeLeenheer
Best Wyandotte Bantam $5 Mike Dooms
Daniel Jerome OC
Best Wyandotte Bantam $5 Brian &Vanessa Mudgett
Daniel Jerome OC
Best White Wyandotte Bantam head $5 Daniel Jerome
Best White Wyandotte Bantam tail $5 Daniel Jerome
Daniel Jerome OC
Best OEG Bantam By Jr. $5 Suchy Family PD
Reserve OEG By Jr. $5 Suchy Family PD
Best OEG Bantam Blue Brested Red By Jr $5 Elliot Gaskin
Best Dutch, non-recognized variety $5 Kelsey Kozak

Best Waterfowl Trophy From Simon Family
Paul Ashbrook-Grey Call OC
Best Duck $25 Bec and Brandon Thomas
Paul Ashbrook-Grey Call Duck OC
Reserve Duck $10 Dean Lewis
Paul Ashbrook- White Runner OC
Best Khaki Campbell $10 Simon Family
Joshua J. Simon OH
Best Call Duck Other Than White $5 Mike Dooms
Paul Ashbrook OC
Best Grey Call Duck $5 Mike Dooms
Paul Ashbrook OC
Best Blue Call Duck $5 Simon Family
Joshua J. Simon OH
Best Black Call Duck $5 Simon Family
Joshua J. Simon OH
Best Blue Fawn Call Duck $5 Simon Family
Joshua J. Simon OH

Best Goose $5 Sheryl Butler-
Sheryl Butler-American Buff
Reserve Goose $5 Sheryl Butler
Best Tufted Roman Goose $10 Simon Family-
Joshua J. Simon OH "Millie"

Best Pigeon Plaque from Snohomish County Pigeon Fanciers-
Austin Johansen-American Roller
Reserve Pigeon Plaque from Snohomish County Pigeon Fanciers-
Cleve Potter-White Dragoon OC
Best Pigeon By a Youth Plaque from Snohomish County Pigeon Fanciers-
Austin Johansen-American Roller
Best Fancy $5 Simon Family-
Cleve Potter-White Dragoon OC
Best Sporting $5 Simon Family-
Austin Johansen- American Roller
Best Utility $5 Bob Sutherland-
Joshua J. Simon-White Runt OC
Reserve Utility $5 Bob Sutherland-
Joshua J. Simon-Blue Fade American Giant Homer OC
Best Indian Fantail $5  Simon Family
Best Starling $5 Simon Family-
Joshua J. SImon OH
Best Clean Legged Ice $5 Simon Family-
Joshua J. Simon OC

Best Dove Plaque from Kenny Johansen Family-Cleve Potter-White back OH
Reserve Dove Plaque from Kenny Johansen Family-Donna Simon-White OC
Best White Ring Neck Dove $5 Simon Family-Donna Simon-White OC
Best Blonde Frosty Ring Neck Dove $5 Simon Family-Joshua J. Simon OC

Silent Chick Auction- approx $100
Silent Bird Auction-appox $200
Thank you to all that donated and helped with these auctions!!

American Poultry Association (A.P.A.) , Inc.-Confirmed
American Bantam Association (A.B.A.), Inc-Confirmed
National Call Breeders or America-State Meet-Confirmed
Old English Game Club
Cochin Meet-Confirmed
Plymouth Rock Fanciers Club
American Dutch Bantam Society-Confirmed
American Brown Leghorn Club
North American Hamburg Society
Wyandotte Breeders of America-Confirmed
American Dove Association Meet(50 or more)-Confirmed

American Poultry Association, Inc. Special Meet
      American Poultry Association, Inc.
      P O Box 2209
      Mango, Fl 33550-2209
      (508)473-8769 or
The APA invites you to become a member.  Adult dues are $10/year or $25/3 years, $25 for one year outside of the US and Canada; Junior Dues (for those 18 and under) are $5.  Endowment Trust Life membership is $215.  All Annual and Endowment Trust Life members receive the yearbook and are eligible for the awards at this show.  A minimum of 5 Master Exhibitor Award points will be awarded to any qualified win at this show.
An APA Certificate will be awarded for the following when ten (10) or more are judged:
Grand Champion & Reserve Champion Large Chicken
Grand Champion & Reserve Champion Bantam
Grand Champion & Reserve Champion Duck
Grand Champion & Reserve Champion Goose
Grand Champion & Reserve Champion Turkey
An APA Certificate will be awarded to the Champion in each of the following classes when ten (10) or more are judged in a class:
       Large Chickens: American, Asiatic, English, Mediterranean, Continental, & All Other Standard Breeds.  Bantams: Modern Game, Old English Game, Single Comb Clean Legged, Rose Comb Clean Legged, All Other Combs Clean Legged, & Feather Legged.  Ducks: Heavy, Medium, Light & Bantam.  Geese: Heavy, Medium & Light. Turkeys: (all compete in 1 class)
Junior Awards
An APA Medal plus one (1) year junior membership will be given for the following:
    Champion Large Chicken shown by a junior.
      Champion Bantam shown by a junior.
Champion of Ducks, Geese, & Turkeys combined
that is shown by a junior.
Juniors need not be members to receive these awards.
All judging will be by the latest edition of the American Standard of Perfection, copyrighted by the American Poultry Association, Inc. Application for membership may be made out at the show or may be sent to the American Poultry Association, but must be prior to the judging to be eligible for APA awards.  Your APA State Representative is Tom Durgin.  Your APA District Director is Ken Cooke.
American Bantam Association Special Meet
Only members of the ABA are eligible for ABA awards.  Dues are $15 a year or $40 for 3 years. Those joining receive a copy of the latest available yearbook.  The yearbook features about 900 advertisers plus a complete breed and variety index.  Winners of ABA awards are listed in the yearbook under WHO'S WHO
IN BANTAMS.  Champions and Reserve Champions earn starred wins when
the number of birds is 100 or more in a class.  For definitions of classes see
the following listing.  Starred wins are also awarded for Best and Reserve
of  Breed or Variety when there are more than 100 birds competing.  
1.  Modern Game  2. Old English Game 3. Single Comb Clean Legged
4.Rose Comb Clean Legged  5. All Other Combs Clean Legged
6. Feather Legged  7. Bantam Duck   There must be at least 25 birds competing
in a class for an award to be given and a single bird is limited to one award and one starred win.***Awards are subject to change***
Send dues to:
Karen Unrath
PO Box 127
Augusta, NJ 07822
American Dove Association Meet
Sanctioned Meet with 50 or more doves Local Contact: Cleve Potter
New Memberships/renewals Denny Stapp, A.D.A. Secretary/Tresurer 7037          
Haynes Road Georgetown, IN 47122
National Call Breeders of America State Meet
Local Contact: Joshua J. Simon (425) 327-9400
Membership - $5 for juniors, $10 for adult/family
PO Box 22546 Oklahoma City, OK 73123
American Dutch Bantam Society Special Meet
Local contact: Dennis Pearce
      Membership dues - $15 per year
Quarterly newsletter
Breed and club info. available Breeder's directory Awards based on point system
“We welcome anyone who is interested in the quaint and beautiful Dutch Bantams - a new breed, a new club.”
Craig Richardson , Sec/Treas         
American Dutch Bantam Society
601 Leland Street
Sulphur, LA  70663
“Better Breeding through Communication”
North American Hamburg Society Area Meet
“A Club dedicated to the promotion of the beautiful
Hamburg chicken”
Club Secretary: Mary E. Hoyt
9365 N. Santa Margarita Road
Atascadero, CA  93422
(805) 466-3185
The International Waterfowl Breeders Association
Special Meet
      Membership - $8 juniors, $10 adults, $12 family
Secretary:  Julie Madden Dixon, Email:
2500 S. 38th St. Lincoln, NE  68506
Cochins International Meet
“Dedicated to the advancement of Cochins. Both Large and Bantam, and the improvement of the poultry fancy.”
Secretary Dennis Wollard (337) 8965442
1913 Beau Bassin Rd Carencro, LA 70520
American Brown Leghorn Club State Meet
“The National Organization Officially Representing The Interests of Brown Leghorns Since 1901”
Membership:$8 for one year, $15 for two years
Secretary-Treasurer:  Dennis Pearce
P.O. Box 602
Stanwood, WA 98292
Wyandotte Breeders of America Special Meet
 Local Contact: Brian &Vanessa Mudgett (208) 245-5815
 Best of Breed …2 points Reserve of Breed ……1 point
Points go towards Bronze, Silver, and Gold metal awards presented annually. Three bonus points are awarded for Best Display of Variety where 50 or more Wyandottes are shown, and 5 bonus points are awarded for Best Display of Breed when 100 or more Wyandottes are shown.
To be eligible for these awards, you must be a member of  the Wyandotte Bantam Club of America.
For additional information, contact Dave Lefeber, Secretary-Treasurer
8648 Irish Ridge Rd., Cassville, WI, 53806
Join Now!!! $10.00 Individual Annual Dues
Ameraucana Breeders Club Meet
Local Contact: Larry & Koralyn
New Memberships/renewals Barbara Campbell
392 Whittaker Hollow Rd., Lake City, TN 37769
Old English Game Club of America-Special Meet
Devoted to the promotion of OEG Bantams everywhere.
Join today to be eligible to win awards offered at all Club meets.  Annual dues are $10.00 for Individual, Family, or
Partnership. You also receive a free yearbook and
Quarterly newsletter. Sharon Garrison, Secretary
316 Sullivan Rd. Simpsonville, SC  29680-6846
Plymouth Rock Fancier's Club Special Meet
Send Dues before judging to David Adkins, 19 Cook Road, Lucasville Ohio 45648 to be eligible for awards. Dues are $10.00 for family, $7.50 for single, and $3.00 for junior (under 18) per calendar year or $100.00 for lifetime. Club patches are 4”-$4.00 and 3” - $3.00.  1987, 1988, 1990, 1995, and 1997 yearbooks
are available at $4.00 each or $15.00 for all 5.