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Entry Form
CASCADE SPRING POULTRY SHOW 2009 Postmark entries by Saturday March 14th, No Late Entries Accepted


Phone#(      )_________________________________
Email Address Please__________________________
Please “X” the Questions below if they apply.
Fit and Show?? Yes__No__
Junior(5-18)________, Grade______________

Secretary Use Only: Exhibitor #__________________
make checks payable to:
Cascade Spring Poultry Show
Mail to:                                         Pam Lyng
PO Box 1044
Lynden, WA 98264

****ABSOLUTLEY NO LATE ENTRIES!! ENTRY FEES:$3.00 per bird, $6.00 per Trio, $6.00 per double cage
(Required for Muscovy drakes)NO LATE ENTRIES OR CHANGES EXCEPT IN LEG BAND Bring your birds to sell, use your own
cages(free)andboxes for people to take them home, please Request sale cages for $5.00 Hole.
Please give all information required. Under Type, tell whether Large Fowl (LF),Bantam (B). Duck (D), Goose (G),
Turkey (T),Pigeon (P), or Dove (D)State breed and variety, including Single Comb or Rose Comb, Bearded or Non-Bearded
if applicable. All birds must be leg-banded. See example below.
Type Breed and Variety Band # Cock(older than 1 year) Hen(older than 1 year) Cockerel
(under 1 year)
Pullet(under 1 year) Old Trio
(over 1 year)
(under 1 year
Entry Fee
B SC Light Brown Leghorn (example)    55        X $3.00
Absolutely No Late Entries!!!!!                                                                    Postmark Entries By Saturday March 15th
If you enter more birds, attach another sheet. Subtotal_____________
Questions, Comments, Concerns Exhibitor fee     $5.00
_______________________________________________ Specials_____________
_______________________________________________ Total Enclosed________