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Youth Activities and Social Events
Bec Thomas(Bec and helpers did a wonderful job in 2008) I am sure it will be even better in 2009!!!

Hello youth, this show will be wonderful to tap into allot of knowlege(Wise breeders), great birds and awesome youth events!!

Fit And Show(it will be broken up into 3 categories)
1. Poultry
2. Waterfowl
3. Pigeons

Austin Johansen-Roller-Best of Show Pigeon 2005

Youth Events
All youth, whether they are entering birds in the show or not, is
encouraged to participate in the youth events($3 exhibitor fee still applies).
- Poster Contest - Please check your poster in with Bec Thomas by 9:30
in the morning.  Two age categories: 10 and under, and 11 through 18.
Be sure to label each poster on the back with the maker's name, age, and
phone number.  Bring any good quality poster.(doesn't have to be made this year) Prizes will be awarded after judging.
- The Coloring Contest is open to children ages 8 and under.  
Participation prizes will be given to all who enter and prizes awarded to champions will be given out after judging.  
The contest will start at 11AM.
- Showmanship It will be broken into Chickens/Waterfowl and Pigeons.
The show table will consist of 4 groups: Peewee - below 3rd grade,
Junior- grades 3rd -5th, Intermediate - grades 6th - 8th, Senior - grades 9th
-12th.It will be judged following 4-H guidelines.  Important: the bird you
use must not be entered in the type class. Each participant must have
his/her own bird. Or special arangements made with Bec Thomas.
Showmanship includes how well the bird has been
trained and conditioned, and is not just a knowledge quiz down. You can
use a chicken, pigeon, or waterfowl to do your showmanship.
Showmanship birds must be checked in at the front desk and
affidavits for END signed before entering.
- Thanks to everyone who donated items to the show, including the following businesses which donated feed, shavings, and raffle items:
(Also Thank You to anyone else who donated)

Youth/Jr. Awards
Best Large fowl By Jr            $15 Al Watts
Res Large fowl By Jr                $10 Al Watts
Best Bantam By Jr                $10 Jan Sanburg
Res Bantam By Jr                $5 Jan Sanburg
Best Bantam CityplacePhoenix        $5 C.J. Hubbard
Best Japanese By Jr                $10 Jan Sanburg
Res Japanese By Jr                $5 Jan Sanburg
Best Silkie Bantam By Jr            $10 Jan Sanburg
Res Silkie Bantam By Jr            $5 Jan Sanburg

Youth/Jr. Showmanship Awards
Best Bird By a Jr - Plaque $10         Cascade Spring Poultry Show
Reserve Bird By  Jr $5            Cascade Spring Poultry Show
Ch. Junior Showman - $10            Cascade Spring Poultry Show
Res. Junior Showman - $5            Cascade Spring Poultry Show
Ch. Intermediate Showman -$10        Cascade Spring Poultry Show
Res. Intermediate Showman -$5        Cascade Spring Poultry Show
Ch. Senior Showman - $10               Cascade Spring Poultry Show
                      Res. Senior Showman - $10               Cascade Spring Poultry Show

Social Events
- B.Y.O.C. - Please bring your own chairs to sit on.
- Lunch - Lunch will be on your own.  The fairgrounds will have a concession stand open or you can lunch at the many restaurants or fast food places in a ½ mile radius of the fairgrounds.  Bring your own coffee if you want it before the concessions open.
Raffles - Raffle tickets are 5 for a $1.00.  Any quality item is welcome. It does not have to be poultry related.  This is an activity for the whole family, so think of things for people of all ages and interests.  Please check your donations in at the raffle table Friday night or early Saturday morning.
For Sale Cages - You can bring your own cages and kennels to sell birds. If you request ahead of time sale cages will be available for $5.00 each for the entire show.  Renters are responsible for the care and feeding of their birds.  Overcrowding is not allowed - birds can be rotated throughout the show. Please bring extra boxes for birds that you purchase.
Any club or individual may set up an informational display but they must provide their own tables and chairs.  Only nonfood items may be sold (this is a fair policy).  There will be no fee for this activity. A raffle donation would be greatly appreciated by those selling things.
- Clean up - if you can, please bring shovels, brooms, and dustpans; it will help cleanup go quicker!