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Rules And Regulations
Rules and Regulations

1.  Absolutely No Late Entries!!!! Entries must be postmarked no later than March 14th, 2009.  There is a limit of 700 birds in the show(plus all pigeons possible), so enter early in order to make the cut.  Entry fees are $3.00 per single bird and $6.00 per trio or Muscovy duck drake(male).  Entry fees must accompany entry, and affidavit for END must be signed, or entry will not be accepted.   All money owed to the Cascade Spring Poultry Show must be paid before judging.  No phone or email entries accepted.
2.  The showroom will be open to receive birds Friday, March 20th from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM and again on Saturday morning, March 21st at 7:00 AM to 9:00 AM.
3.  All birds must be in place by 9:00 AM on Saturday, March 21st.
4.  All birds must be banded for the purpose of owner identification and judging.
5.  If a bird is entered and not shown, entry fees for it will be forfeited to the show.
6.  In filling out the entry form, care should be taken to state clearly - sex, age, variety and band numbers of birds entered.  Also, please state clearly - name, address phone number of exhibitor.  Indicate if a Junior (5 to 18 years).
7.  A cock, old drake, old gander, or old cock is a male bird over one year old. A hen, old duck, old goose, or old hen is a female over one year old. A cockerel, young drake, young gander, young tom, or young cock is a male under one year. A pullet, young duck, young goose, or young hen is a female under one year.
8.  The latest editions of the Standard of Perfection and the Bantam Standard will be the guides for the judges in awarding prizes for poultry and domestic waterfowl.
9.  Junior exhibitors (ages 5 to 18) will compete in open class in all divisions.
10. The show will take all precautions to insure the safety and well being of exhibitors' entries, but in no way will be responsible or liable for theft, injury, death, or disease.
11. No smoking in the building and no alcohol allowed on the premises.
12. No skateboards, roller skates, roller blades, bicycles, or motorcycles allowed on the premises.
13. NO DOGS!!!!!!!!!!, cats, or other animals not related to the show allowed in the building.
14. No taking eggs out of cages!!!!!! It is considered stealing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Appropriate actions will be taken!!!!!!
15. Please make sure your birds are in healthy condition.
16. Birds may be removed when announcement is made to “coop out”.
17. Any matter not provided for in the Rules and Regulations will be referred to the Show Committee.  Their decision will be considered final.
 Mail entries to:  
Pam Lyng
PO Box 1044
Lynden, WA 98264
                             After 7pm or on the weekends please (425) 327-9400